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DJS believes that although receiving the next coloured belt is exciting for a student its what the belt represents thats important. Becoming a black belt is a personal journey that you take. Within that journey you learn discipline, your self esteem grows, confidence levels increase, improves social skills, focus, respect, manners and helps concentration levels. All these things you will need in every day life.  We believe if you can train and study hard then you will achieve your black belt but in life you can achieve all your goals. There is no reason why all your dreams cant come true if you keep up the same mental attitude as you have as a Taekwondo student.
Within DJS there is a 3 month gap between gradings, although that depends on the individual student.  All students are consistently assessed and if the instructor feels they are ready then they will be handed a permission to grade form.  This is then discussed with the student and the parents as required.  If the student or the parent do not wish to go ahead with the grading this is fine and will carry on training untill the next grading date is available.
All gradings for all ages and abilities take place at various local locations at a weekend and details of the grading is handed out in letter form with alot of notice.  There is a separate cost for the gradings.
We have a Master Instructor that grade our students and he presents the students with their new belts and signed certificates.  All gradings are noted in there membership books or tracking cards.

 The Belt Grading System At DJS Taekwondo
10th KUP      White Belt
  9th KUP      White Belt/Yellow Stripe
  8th KUP      Yellow Belt
  7th KUP      Yellow Belt/Green Stripe
  6th KUP      Green Belt
  5th KUP      Green Belt/Blue Stripe
  4th KUP      Blue Belt
  3rd KUP      Blue Belt/Red Stripe 
  2nd KUP     Red Belt
  1st KUP      Red Belt/Black Stripe
  1st DAN     Black Belt
1st KUP grade is classed as Club Level Black Belt
1st DAN and above is classed as an International Level Black Belt. This accreditation entitles the student to train at a WTF Taekwondo club anywhere in the world with complete acceptance of the grade attained.

DJS Taekwondo Academy hosted it's 1st Black Belt Dan Grading on 18th March 2022. We had 6 students from the club grading: 2nd Dan - 1, 1st Dan - 5. 



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