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Ninja Warriors And Family Classes

The Ninja Warrior Classes are for Children Aged 3-7 years.
At Present all classes are held at Bexley Girls and Boys Hall (Lesley Close, Bexley. Kent DA5 1LX) on Tuesday Evening, Friday Evening, and Sunday Mornings.  If your child has a disability please don't worry they are more than welcome at our club.  There are children of all abilities at DJS Taekwondo Academy and every child is made to feel welcome.
At the Ninja classes parents obviously stay and although watching your child learn and progress is great fun we encourage parent participation.  By this we mean when the instructor asks parents to get involved it will be for holding pads or there childs feet for sit ups etc... Don't panic parents you wont be asked to actually do Taekwondo...!!!!
As your  Little Ninja progresses in age they may wish to join the higher levelled class which is again family orientated and now means that you as a parent may want to join also and train every week with your child!
Within our Ninja class  the children have a proper warm up session and use games and Martial Arts drills to learn.  Although for the child they will be having lots of fun which seems alot of play, they will also be learning discipline, control, balance, co-ordination, fitness, teamwork,focus and memory skills.
The classes are 45 minutes long. 

































DJS Taekwondo are known as a family orientated club because at every class whether it is the Ninja Warrior or the main class there is a family atmosphere like no other.  Within the main class their are children and adults where the age and ability varies greatly. These classes are for aged 8 years and above.  It has a fantastic lively atmosphere and everyone has brilliant fun whilst learning.  All students get on really well and at any opportunity are always willing to help each other. 
Within this class they are always properly warmed up before beginning their training.  Training consists of learning Taekwondo moves, has non contact and full contact sparring,  learning poomsae (patterns) at every lesson plus the instructor likes all the children to learn self defence moves.  Every class is different therefore children are never bored.  They are partnered with different people on every occasion, this allows them to learn about each other and become friends with lots of children. 
They run on Tuesdays from 6 pm for one hour, Fridays at 6 pm for one hour and Sundays from 12.30 pm for two lots of one hour classes (split due to Covid 19).
Why not come along and give us a visit you wont regret it..........
To find out about how the children grade please see our grading page.
Paying for training fees monthly by standing order means you or your child will receive a free Taekwondo suit.  If you choose to pay by cash or debit card you will have to pay for a suit as well....






                   First Class Free    

              07593 505 800


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