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Ronik SHAH


Sah-bom-neem SHAH started off his Taekwondo journey in 1994 in Kenya.

He was awarded his 1st Dan Black Belt in December 2001 by Master Kang under the auspicies of Kenya Taekwondo Association.

The following year he migrated to the UK and took a break from Taekwondo.

He returned to Taekwondo in 2018 when his children joined DJS Taekwondo Academy and applied for Kukkiwon 1st Dan Black Belt Certification. He attained his 2nd Dan Black Belt in July 2019.

He has enhanced CRB checks which are done on a regular basis. He is up-to-date with First Aid, Child Protection courses

Ronik SHAH


                   First Class Free    

              07593 505 800


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